A journal through photos

My Little Ballerina

Or not. This picture is typical of Charlotte’s attitude towards organized activities right now (dance and music class specifically). For months she begged us to take dance classes (she LOVES to dance at home). She kept asking when she would be old enough to attend dance classes. We bought her the shoes, tights etc. and she danced around the house in them every night. She went to 2 classes and had a great time but the third class WHAMMO – she turns into little miss shy. She doesn’t want to participate –she just wants to sit and watch. Or if we can convince her to go dance she’ll do a couple of things and then come running back to us. I hope it’s just a phase. I’m ok if she doesn’t want to dance (although I will admit I danced until I was done High School and  a little part of me hopes that she enjoys it as much as I did) but I  hope the wanting- to- do- her- own- thing- in- class is just a really short phase.



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