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Photography Challenge

Rock the Shot–Kids and Fall

This month’s Rock the Shot photo challenge is to share a photo of kids (either yours or someone else’s) displaying some aspect of fall.

I posted this photo earlier in my blog but it’s one of my favorites from this fall so I decided to submit it. I wanted to take some pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes before the beautiful leaves all fell off the trees and the snow showed up.

I shot the picture with a 28mm 1:2.8 prime lens. It was a new lens so this was one of the first chances I had to use it.

I set my shutter at 1/4000 because it was very bright out and I knew there was NO WAY that Charlotte was going to be holding still for more than a mili second. Aperture was set at 3.2.


Rock the Shot

My Addiction

I’m a little late getting this done this week – but Peter is getting 2 teeth and has been miserable for the last 4 days. Its been hard to get ANYTHING done this week.

The challenge from DPS this week is to photograph your addiction so here is mine:


Anyone who knows me knows I’m completely addicted to reading/books, occasionally to the detriment of everything else in my life. This is my bookshelf. This is 1/4 of the books you can see. There are also books hidden behind the books you can see. Since I have embraced electronic technology  [which I said I never would!] I have added another 35 books to my collection but luckily I don’t have to find room for them on my bookshelf!

Photo Challenge Day 3

Well I am behind posting Day 3 and I’ve come to the conclusion that at this point a daily Challenge is just too much. That being said, I do still want to try new things that will get me out of my comfort zone so I’m going to go along with Digital Photography School’s weekly challenges from now on. I’ll also still be posting any non challenge related photos that I took and liked.

Something Green:


This was my second choice for something green (the green bit of leaf sticking out of Peter’s mouth that he was trying to eat).


Photo Challenge Day 2 AND 3

Yup – I’m already a day behind.  Yesterday I was supposed to take a photo of what I wore so instead today I took a photo of the pile of clothes I wore yesterday.

Today’s picture is some clouds. Soo not exciting considering it’s been grey and rainy the past 2 days. not super happy with these last 2 days but oh well. At least I’m doing it right?003e


Looks like I got some water on my lens. Maybe if I added some texture to this pic it would be more interesting but since it’s a photo challenge and not a photoshop challenge I’ll leave it be.

30 Day Photography Challenge–Day 1

I found a list of photos to take over a 30 day period and decided it was something I wanted to try and not as much commitment as the 365 project ( I tend to take photos in spurts). Today’s photo is supposed to be a self portrait. I was pretty excited about this because one of my goals this year is to learn to take self portraits (then I might actually be in some photos for a change lol). Unfortunately I was up late last night so I’m tired, and didn’t have time to plan it out or make myself look presentable  – plus I wanted to do it while Peter is napping so I had to do it quick. I decided on the traditional “photo holding camera at arms length” but with only part of my face in it. For some reason every time I take my own picture I either look worried or angry even when I try to look happy. Sigh.