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30 Day Photography Challenge–Day 1

I found a list of photos to take over a 30 day period and decided it was something I wanted to try and not as much commitment as the 365 project ( I tend to take photos in spurts). Today’s photo is supposed to be a self portrait. I was pretty excited about this because one of my goals this year is to learn to take self portraits (then I might actually be in some photos for a change lol). Unfortunately I was up late last night so I’m tired, and didn’t have time to plan it out or make myself look presentable  – plus I wanted to do it while Peter is napping so I had to do it quick. I decided on the traditional “photo holding camera at arms length” but with only part of my face in it. For some reason every time I take my own picture I either look worried or angry even when I try to look happy. Sigh.